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The Benefits of Paperless Bookkeeping

So many of us waste our valuable time with paper....or the dreaded after effect of a paper cut!

Here at Moore Details Bookkeeping we went paperless!

What? A bookkeeping firm going paperless? Yip that's correct. And I'm lovin' it!

The first question that populates from peers and those intrigued is "How"?

My answer is short and sweet. Unplug your printer!

Seriously. It puts you in a situation to determine how to deal with incoming data in the now. Not later. Because we all know that "later never comes". 

Now for a bookkeeper this task is especially difficult. After all, the clients provide paper. Don't they? You know like receipts, invoices, bank statements and stuff!?

Yes they did. But now they are all using electronic bookkeeping software. Bank feeds import into the software to provide me with the ins and outs of cash. Each expense, revenue document, journal entry etc. has the ability to attached an electronic image. 

Going paperless is an option and it's relatively easy and affordable to do so. 

Here are the benefits my practice has seen with going paperless:

  1. Saving money on expensive toners and drums for my printer
  2. less white noise in the office from the hummmm of the printer
  3. Increased data security by information being kept in the cloud and not roaming around in some shoe box, shopping bag, folder or USB drive.
  4. This is my most favorite benefit! Increased efficiency by not having to look for stuff. I simply can't stand having to look for a paper document that is so easy to be misfiled, faded with time, or chewed up by some rodent in a damp flood prone storage space deep in a client's basement.
  5. Let's not forget about Mother Nature. Going paperless means less strain on the environment. 

It's worth a try. Here are some great products to check out to make your journey successful and affordable.

Xero paired nicely with Hubdoc

Wishing you a day full of simplicity!

 Jennifer Moore Moore Details Bookkeeping




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