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The best business advice came from my driving instructor

I was sixteen and anxiously awaiting my turn behind the wheel of a cramped dark blue Nissan. Along with my cronies we embarked on our first voyage of freedom. Learning how to drive.  No squirrels or pedestrians were harmed.

Naturally a car full of teen girls caused for some anxious moments. That is when I heard the best advice EVER! This advice has stuck with me not just while driving the old family minivan but also when driving my business.

It is:

Look where you want to go! ……not oncoming traffic!

From where I grew up the roads were abound with logging trucks, tractors, and anything else to make a girl feel insecure in a small tin can of a car.

Albeit wasn’t my first driving experience. The roads of Renfrew County were much different than an old John Deer Tractor that my aunt had to bomb around in the back field ….in which it never went out of first gear.

But let’s think of this. Often times we slam on the breaks because we worry about the problems ahead. Causing us to stall or get rear ended! By keeping focused on where you want to go you’ll get there much sooner. If roadblocks pop up determine if it is necessary to yield or slow down and safely stop to check in. These roadblocks are plentiful for business owners. It could be a bank loan, negotiation new lease agreement or event bidding on a big project. Don’t get stuck in the moment. Keep the momentum moving forward. Be ready to adjust and yield.

Wishing you a safe journey today!


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