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Is your business passionate?

Follow your Passion and success will follow.

No this didn't come out of a fortune cookie. It's just one of the little motto's that I believe in. 

Involving passion in all aspects of your life is truly magical. Passion follows me everywhere. I've dumped worrying and focus only on what creates happiness. People are naturally attracted to passion. They see happiness and instinctively want to now how to be or elevate such. Sound a little goofy? Well think about that the next time worrying stalls you for several hours. 

The business' I see succeed are those who are passionate about their product/service. They genuinely care about their customers and are eager to help. These are business' who are passionate about financial literacy and want to learn how to be involved in their bookkeeping story. These are the clientele I look for when the referrals flow in. 

But this isn't limited to my clientele and me as a person. This quality must be present in all business interactions I have. Specifically financial software companies like @IntuitQuickbooksCa and applications like @ReceiptBank and @Method:CRM. Naturally other follow bookkeepers to refer great clients too when I operate at capacity. Then there is the show stopper individual that I look for. The year-end accountant. The one who is willing to accept change in financial software platforms, ability to get to the core of clients needs, and find ways to innovate their professional service....passionately.

 What is the result of a passionate business?

  • Profit
  • Well-being
  • Improved relationships business and personal\

May your day be full of passion, your face enlightened and an everlasting smile shine upon you,




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